Product Classification

    • Elevator Intertalk Solution Series

      Emergency communication System

      Emergency communications solution is designed for buildings with one or more elevators

      If you are trapped in an elevator, you can easily ask for help by pressing a button

      All our intercoms are distinctly easy to install. Thanks to their using a two-wire data bus there is no need to fit new cabling or undertake construction work

    • AI Multimedia Terminal

      Elevator Display System

      Over the past decades, the development of science and technology has presented us too many amazing products

      Beijing Keyuanlong Technology Co., ltd. has always been determined to apply innovative scientific and technological achievements to the elevator field, and developed a two-way Multimedia Video System

      Our products make efficient use of the elevator space, give users control over what is displayed, helps passengers relax and creates a pleasant elevator environment

    • Lift Fault Alarm Traceability System

      Elevator Remote Monitoring System

      It is an intelligent elevator remote monitoring solution that can provide a two-way communication link from any elevator to the outside world

      Just like clairvoyance, monitor the operation of the elevator, and ensure the safety of the passengers at all times

    • Visitor Control System

      Intelligent Destination System

      Use a variety of AI technology to call the elevator, the system intelligently dispatches the elevator,improves the elevator's carrying capacity, shortens the waiting and stopping time, and allows you to reach the destination floor easily and quickly

      More comfortable,safe and convenient

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